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Join the movement to end legacy.

For millions of Americans, college is more than a family heirloom. To them, college is their ladder up, a way out, an opportunity to change the course of their lives. 


Legacy admissions – the practice of giving an admissions advantage to the children of alumni – stands directly between those students and all the opportunities associated with attending a top college. Research shows that at Ivy-Plus colleges, where more students come from the top one percent of the income distribution than the entire bottom half, legacy admissions is the primary factor driving the over-representation of the super-rich.


That’s why we're leading a national, student-led campaign to end legacy admissions. 


From California to Connecticut, Class Action’s student organizers are testifying in state capitols, lobbying their representatives to introduce bills, passing resolutions in their student governments, writing op-eds, and making their voices heard on social media.


We're asking you to join the movement. 


We’re a lean and scrappy organization. Your tax-deductible donation will directly support the planning and execution of our upcoming projects which are all aimed at amplifying student voices. 


  • A stipend for our summer intern (a Harvard student and a leader of Harvard’s Black Student Association raised $2,000 to fund her summer with us but needs $4,000 more to pay for housing and expenses.)

  • The inaugural Class Action conference at Brown University, where students, alumni, faculty, and administrators will come together to strategize for change.

  • A student-generated video campaign to pressure universities to end legacy admissions. 

We're fighting for structural change by amplifying student voices. But we can't do it without you.

Thank you for your support

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